Genesis Chapter 10: The Generations of Noah

Genesis Chapter 10: The Generations of Noah

We continue in an expository, verse by verse, study of the book of Genesis [the book of beginnings].

Themes in book of Genesis

  1. Chapter 1: Creation
  2. Chapter 2: Creation of Man
  3. Chapter3: The Serpent, Man’s Sin, God’s Provision of a Blood Sacrifice
  4. Chapter4: Cain Murders Abel
  5. Chapter 5: The Generations of Adam
  6. Chapter 6: The Sons of God and Daughters of Men, Giants
  7. Chapter 7: The Flood
  8. Chapter 8: The Aftermath of the Great Flood
  9. Chapter 9: God’s Covenant With Noah
  10. Chapter 10: Generations of Noah


These are the generations of Noah. 이것들은 노아의 세대들이니라.

Noah had three sons: Shem Ham, and Japheth 노아에게 세 아들이 있었습니다:셈, 함, 야벳

  1. Japheth is generally associated with the Gentiles. 야벳은 일반적으로 이방인들과 관련지어집니다.
  2. Ham is generally associated with Africa, but Nimrod of Babel is one of his descendants. 함은 일반적으로 아프리카와 관련이 있지만, 바벨의 니므롯은 함의 자손입니다.
    • So are the Sinites. [The Sinites could be where the people groups of China, Korea, and Japan come from]. 신족속도 그러합니다 (신족속으로부터 중국,한국,일본 사람들이 비롯되었을 가능성이 있습니다.)
  3. Shem is generally associated with the Middle East (later the home of the Jew and Arab). 셈은 일반적으로 나중에 유대와 아랍의 본거지가 된 중동지역과 관련이 있습니다.