Tracts from Lifegate Inc.

Tracts from Lifegate Inc.

IIBC – Partner with Lifegate Inc.

IIBC has partnered, with Lifegate Inc. over the years in the translation of God’s Simple Plan of Salvation (GSPS), Peace, Grow, and Share tracts in several languages.

Some of these tracts have been printed in bi-lingual editions; which are great tools for witnessing, especially if you are not fluent in the language other than English. Bi-lingual tracts allow you the capability to point to the specific paragraph (or sentence) [color coded] in the other language as you are witnessing.

For a list of tracts that Lifegate Inc. publishes,

Galleys of some of their tracts are available on this page.

Lifegate Tract: Peace 

Lifegate tract - Peace
Lifegate Tract – Peace.pdf

Lifegate Tract: Grow

Lifegate tract - Grow
Lifegate Tract – Grow.pdf

Lifegate Tract: Share

Lifegate Tract – Share.pdf