Past Events

Past Events

Mar 8, 2020

Home Service 3.8

Sunday Service at home Due to COVID-19, we will not meet at the church on 8 Mar (Sun), 11 Mar (Wed), and 15 Mar (Sun). Pre-recorded English sermon preaching and Korean translation will be provided at IIBC homepage. Please worship the Lord following the service order at the homepage. 가정 주일 예배 코로나19의 확산 방지를 위하여, 3월 8일 (일), 3월 11일 (수), 3월 15일 (일)에는 교회를 열지 않고 가정예배를 드리기로 결정하였습니다. 사전 녹음된 영어설교 및 한글통역 파일이 홈페이지에 게시될 예정입니다.…
Jan 1, 2020

No New Year Service

Church will not be opened on 1 January 2020. Please have a good time with your family!
Dec 25, 2019

No Christmas Service

Church will not be opened on 25 December. Please have a wonderful time with your family!